Pet owners do not consider their animals as property but as important companions. There is nothing worse than watching your beloved pet deteriorate in health and endure a significantly decreased quality of life. While a good portion of veterinary care is dedicated to birth, growth and life there are also times when specific pet care is needed for aging, injured or terminally ill animals. Individuals facing that horrible position with their cherished pet can count on Dr. Cryan to explore all options including animal hospice care and euthanasia.

Unfortunately, animals do not communicate as humans do so concerned pet owners need to monitor their pets’ behavior to look for unusual changes. Animals who are sick or are entering the final years of life can show drastic behavior changes including rapid weight loss, decrease in appetite and thirst, vomiting, jerky body movements, immobility, labored breathing, change in bowel and urination habits, discomfort, verbal indicators or traces of blood in feces, vomit or urine. If any of those symptoms sound familiar, scheduling a consultation with Nova Mobile Vet and meeting with Dr. Cryan will make the task infinitely easier for all those involved. Dr. Cryan will properly assess the situation and clearly lay out your options. Ultimately the choice of euthanasia or animal hospice care is yours and the Doctor will always respect that.

A majority of people would want to pass in their sleep in the comfort of their own bed and Nova Mobile Vet can provide that luxury to your dog or cat. Owners can plan out their pet’s final moments and provide their best friends with the ability to be wrapped in the warmth of familiar surroundings. No matter if your pet prefers to be snuggled up on their favorite pillow or in that sunny spot on the front porch, Nova Mobile Vet will make the passing as calming and soothing for you and your loved ones as possible.


Before any end of life decision will be made, your pet will undergo a thorough examination. The animal vet team members will properly gauge your pet’s current medical condition. Only after all other options have been exhausted and you provide final consent, will we proceed with the euthanasia process.

Typically the process begins with us administering medicine to ease your friend’s anxiety and pain. You and whomever you choose are invited to stay with your pet, share moments of love and reflect upon your lifetime together.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (866) 946-7387.