Some animals need pet medication on a daily basis to ensure that they enjoy a great quality of life and if yours is one of them, Nova Mobile Vet can make getting a prescription filled infinitely easier. When it becomes time for an annual pet check up in Virginia, contact Nova Mobile Vet to schedule an appointment. When it is time for your critter to receive the dog care or cat care they need, we will navigate the entire animal vet facility directly to your own front door. Our state-of-the-art mobile vet facility has a complete pet med dispensary so after providing exceptional pet care we can also provide you with the required pet medication.

As pets grow and mature, their bodies will go through a myriad of biological changes that may require pet med to balance things out. It is important to note that pet owners should never try to figure out what type of pet meds they should give to their pets and instead should arrange for a professional veterinarian to provide the animal care required. When that time approaches, scheduling a visit from the Nova Mobile Vet facility will make it convenient for Virginia residents to ensure that their pet gets the skilled attention he or she needs.

Just like all prescription drugs, pet medications are controlled substances that can only be authorized by a licensed veterinarian. All Nova Mobile Vet pet care visits are staffed by a skilled pet doctor and licensed veterinary technicians. Additionally, our ambulatory pet hospital is loaded with cutting edge diagnostic equipment, a sterile animal surgery room, a complete laboratory and everything needed to provide your dog or cat with dental care. Regardless of what type of pet health issues you want your pet to be examined for, Nova Mobile Vet will simplify the task generally associated with Virginia pet care and pet med.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (866) 946-7387.