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Veterinary care is important throughout the entire lifespan of a pet. The process can supply your beloved with preventative pet health measures such as dentistry, spaying or neutering or resolve other issues that may impact the health of a cat of dog. Virginia residents looking to provide their favorite critters with exceptional animal doctor care in order to ensure their pet has a long and pleasant life can count on Nova Mobile Vet to deliver. We will drive our mobile vet unit to the requested site and implement professional cat care or dog care close to home and from a licensed vet practitioner of the art.

Professional veterinary services provided by Nova Mobile Vet is an amazing gift to bestow upon a pet as the pet care can help protect cats and dogs from developing pet health issues and resolve problems that may be causing them discomfort in the here and now. Historically, Virginia pet owners who wanted to get their dogs and cats in front of an animal doctor had to plan well for the task. The process typically involved scheduling an appointment at a brick and mortar veterinary clinic, taking time off from work loading up the car with an anxiety riddled cat or dog, driving to the office and then lingering-about until it is actually time to get called in. Nova Mobile Vet eliminates that stressful prelude to a veterinary exam by bringing the entire animal hospital to you and providing your pets with a pet 'house-call.'

All Nova Mobile Vet veterinary appointments are convenient and thorough. Aboard our state-of-the-art, 26 foot long, ambulatory animal hospital we can provide a large array of veterinary services. Some pet care options include (but are not limited to) outpatient animal surgery, imaging, lab services, diagnostic testing, behavioral assessment, animal hospice care and nearly every other type of pet care that may be required during a pet's time on earth. Regardless of why you are seeking to get dog or cat vet care from a pet doctor, Nova Mobile Vet's team of experts and mobile technology will get your pets the care they need, just steps away from their own front door.

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