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Pets are valued family members deserving of veterinary services to help them have long and healthy existences. There is no arguing making a trip to a brick and mortar veterinary hospital can be inconvenient as it typically requires too much time and bunches of effort but it is still essential to get your friend the cat care or dog care required. Virginia pet owners can now make the process easier courtesy of Nova Mobile Vet, a fully licensed mobile veterinary clinic. Once you contact us and schedule an appointment, Nova Mobile Vet will drive the entire mobile animal hospital to you. Our 26-foot long ambulatory pet hospital is replete with imaging equipment, laboratory, necessary animal vaccinations surgical facility and more, enabling us to deliver a full selection of veterinary services.

Aside from having state-of-the-art equipment for delivering veterinary services, our professional veterinary team is prepared to deal with all pet health issues. Every appointment will be addressed by veterinary clinic staff including a licensed animal doctor and veterinary assistants. Since our mobile animal hospital is fully stocked we can deliver diagnostic results and answers immediately and in comfortable surroundings.

Nova Mobile vet has a full range of services that we can provide your pet. Perhaps your pet is aging and you need to provide bedside animal hospice care to make sure they are comfortable. We can relieve you of that burden so you can spend your time enjoying the company of your furry friend. Maybe you think your female feline has been acting a bit too frisky and it is time you got her spayed. Our mobile animal hospital is also designed to provide veterinary services including outpatient animal surgery. Plus there is no need to worry about having to run out to get pet prescription filled as we also have a complete pharmacy on-board with a full range of pet meds. No matter if you only have one pet or have multiple cats and dogs needing veterinary services, Nova Mobile Vet can provide them with the pet care they need.

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