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Veterinary hospitals can make both animals and pet owners stressed out, even if the place is only being visited as part of an annual pet check up. Virginia residents no longer have to subject themselves to that type of anxiety as Nova Mobile Vet will bring the entire animal hospital directly to their homes. That way, regardless of the dog care or cat care required the issues can be addressed inches away from ones’ front door and miles away from an overcrowded brick and mortar veterinary hospital.

Making sure our four-legged friends get the pet vaccines and pet services needed to ensure good pet health is part of the commitment of being a pet owner. Dogs and cats provided unconditional love, companionship and can actually improve the health of the owner. For all that pets do for mankind, the least we can do in return is to ensure that they are healthy, well fed, comfortable and loved. Once Virginia pet owners conduct the due diligence of scheduling a Nova Mobile Vet appointment, we will navigate the entire veterinary hospital to them and proved the furry friends with the exceptionally vet care they deserve.

Each and every pet care house call made by Nova Mobile Vet conducted by a complete team comprised of a licensed veterinarian and veterinary assistants. Plus, our fully enabled veterinary hospital will allow us to deliver a number of animal care services professionally and quickly. Our complete mobile animal hospital is equipped to perform imaging including X-rays and ultrasound, pet dental care or to provide aging or ill pets with quality of life exams. Virginia pet owners seeking superior pet care that is also extremely convenient simply need to contact Nova Mobile Vet to schedule a petcare visit. Once that is done, we will navigate our mobile vet unit directly to your own front door and make the experience as stress free as possible.

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