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Veterinary clinic services are an essential part of the pet ownership equation. Dogs and cats can improve the health of an owner by delivering unconditional love, companionship and the ability to lower cholesterol levels. The least mankind can do is protect the health of the creatures that are protecting ours. Virginia residents looking for a great veterinarian to deliver exceptional pet carewithout having to load up the car and navigate pets to a veterinary clinic need to know about Nova Mobile Vet.

Nova Mobile Vet is an ambulatory veterinary clinic that will navigate our facilities directly to your home and allow you to get pet services right in your own driveway. If you cannot remember the last time you took Fifi or Cookie-Puss to the veterinary clinic, contacting Nova Mobile Vet now is probably in order. Annually pets may need different preventative care including dental care, animal vaccines, animal dermatology and more. Calling the friendly Nova Mobile Vet animal care services team to schedule an appointment is the only step you need to take to ensure that your animal gets the pet care needed.

Even the most docile furry friend can feel anxiety over an impending veterinary clinic visit. Nova Mobile Pet can completely eliminate the hassle and stress associated with veterinary clinics by taking the entire animal hospital directly to your own driveway. All Nova Mobile Pet house calls are made by a veterinary team composed of a licensed veterinarian and veterinarian assistants. Our state-of-the-art 26 foot long mobile hospital is fully enabled and equipped to provide a full spectrum of veterinary care including out patient surgery, imaging and a complete pet medicine pharmacy. For all that pets do for humans providing them with exceptional veterinary care in return is mandatory. Nova Mobile Vet's curbside veterinary clinic services will provide your pets with the best care possible.

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