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Veterinary Care

Smart pet owners know that all those purrs, meows, barks and growls are means of communication. On some occasions those sounds may translate into "get me veterinary care please" unfortunately some of the meaning can get lost in translation. That is why providing your four-legged friends with regular pet check ups is a smart move. Virginia pet owners looking to get the ball rolling and get their pets the attention they need should contact Nova Mobile Vet and schedule an appointment for our mobile vet unit headed up by a licensed pet doctor to make a house call. We are well versed in translating the needs of pets into a language understood by all.

All Nova Mobile Vet care is provided by a team headed up by a licensed veterinarian and licensed veterinary technicians. Aside from having the know-how, our state-of-the-art mobile vet facility is loaded with all the resources needed to delivery top-notch veterinary care right outside your front door. Our 26-foot mobile veterinary hospital is a complete pet care facility loaded with features like an operating room, imaging equipment, a mobile pharmacy stacked with pet medication and other pieces of advanced technology. Expending energy to load up a car with pets to drive to a brick and mortar animal hospital for a pet care exam is so 1988. Nova Mobile Vet will bring the entire veterinary clinic to your driveway and regardless of what L.C. or Tiger needs, we can handle the request.

Veterinary care is important throughout a pet's life. Puppies and kittens have very different pet health needs than adult animals and the Nova Mobile Vet team is able to provide the proper animal care

regardless of where your pet stands in the the fragile circle of life. Virginia pet owners in need of veterinary care and wanting to make the process run as smoothly as possible simple need to contact Nova Mobile Vet to schedule an appointment.

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