Pet ownership is a great American pastime and despite that fact, there are still a staggering amount of homeless domesticated animals. The Humane Society estimates that six to eight million homeless animals entering animal shelters every year. Only half of the critters find forever homes while the remainder is euthanized. That is why spaying and neutering your pet is a humane decision to make and when the time comes for that animal surgery scheduling an appointment with Nova Mobile Vet will make the process easier.

During their careers, the esteemed Nova Mobile Vet veterinary team have performed hundreds of ovariohysterectomies on female felines and dogs. When the time is right for your little girl to get spayed and relieve you of the potential burden of dealing with an unwanted litter or two, Nova Mobile Vet will bring the entire animal hospital to you and conduct the out-patient animal surgery in our state-of-the-art ambulatory veterinary clinic. Nova Mobile Vet’s 26-foot long animal hospital features a complete surgical facility to provide full out-patient surgery to pets in need.

Even the most beloved household cat or dog can have an indiscretion with the neighbors’ pet resulting in a pregnancy. Why risk contributing more unwanted dogs and cats to the equation when spaying or neutering your pet is easy with Nova Mobile Vet. We have the skills, dedication, and desire to ensure that your beloved pet stays healthy and happy throughout their entire life span. Some steps to ensure that goal include pet vaccinations, pet check-ups and other types of pet care such as nutrition and grooming. Nova Mobile Vet is dedicated to providing the exceptional medical pet service that your dog or cat deserves. Regardless of if you need a Virginia pet spayed or neutered or your beloved requires some other type of vet care Dr. Cryan will visit your home and be ready to assist.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (866) 946-7387.