It is in an animals natural instinct to procreate and given an opportunity, a beloved pet will try to get in on the action. When a pet pregnancy is expected and planned it can be a wonderful experience, however unplanned litters can lead to anxiety of finding homes for the pets or even result in euthanasia. Responsible pet owners know that neutering or spaying a pet is the correct, humane thing to do. When the time comes to get Butch snipped, contacting Nova Mobile Vet will make the task easy as we will bring the veterinary clinic to your own back yard! Our skilled veterinary care team will conduct the simple out patient procedure in the sanctity of our on-board surgery facility, allowing pets the opportunity to heal in the comfort of their own home.

The fact is, even a show-worthy pet can accidentally get knocked up or become an unexpected baby daddy. That is why neutering or spaying your beloved pet is a necessity. By humanely removing your pet’s ability to reproduce, you will be making a contribution to lowering the levels of animal homelessness in America and worldwide. According to The Human Society, local animal shelters become filled with six to eight million homeless animals annually and only half of them make it out alive. By making the decision to neuter your pet and further contribute to the problem you stop the cycle and increase the chances of a different Virginia pet finding a home.

The Nova Mobile Vet team has the ability, knowledge, and compassion to provide your pets with all the pet services they may need during their lifetime. One such step may include animal surgery such as neutering a male dog, cat or even a rabbit. No matter if you are a Virginia pet owner who wants to take responsibility and have your cat or dog neutered or spayed or your cherished beast needs a different type of vet care, contacting Nova Mobile Vet will make the task easy!

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