Concerned pet owners looking to minimize the stress involved with making a trip to an animal hospital for lab services can get those important pet care diagnostics and more thanks to Nova Mobile Vet’s transportable vet clinic. Taking a pet to the veterinarian is not easy. The process takes planning, time and transportation and those things do not always align perfectly. provides an exceptional alternative where you can schedule an appointment and we will show up at your own front door in our state-of-the-art pet care facility, complete with a laboratory.

Tom Petty infamously sang the “waiting is the hardest part,” and anyone who has ever waited for test results delivered by lab services can attest that is indeed a fact. The process is agonizing and anxiety can overcome both humans and animals. The process is only exasperated by having to wait in a unfamiliar space filled with other confused pet owners looking for answers. Nova Mobile Vet’s in-vehicle laboratory will reduce the stress levels of both owner and pet, deliver a quicker diagnosis and peace of mind when it is needed most. Plus, by using our one-stop pet service, complete with mobile pharmacy and laboratory services, Nova Mobile Vet can help you save money by being able to immediately provide a quick diagnosis to mitigate the costs associated with a pet health situation.

No matter what type of laboratory services you need, our fully equipped mobile vet unit will allow us to conduct blood smears, impression smears, fine needle aspirates, fecal parasite checks and other diagnostic tests right in your driveway. Your pet’s vet visit will be completed by a team comprised of a licenced veterinarian and licensed veterinary technician. The team is well-versed in conducting the latest laboratory services and has the tools to divulge the truth steps from your own front door. Our full collection of diagnostic equipment includes devices that let us immediately pinpoint specific tumors, electrolyte levels, liver values, kidney values and many other health issues that may occur. Virginia pet owners looking for a convenient way to get extraordinary veterinary services should contact Nova Mobile Vet to schedule a pet care visit now.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (866) 946-7387.