NoVa Mobile Vet provides state of the art digital x-rays with our top of the line Fuji CR Digital X-Ray system. Find out your anwsers right on the spot and get a copy of your xrays emailed to you or take a copy in a CD-R or custom flash drive. That way, if you need a refferal or want to review the films in the future, you have a digital copy that stays with you.

There is no doubt that your cherished dog or cat is beautiful on the outside, however sometimes imaging is necessary to get a good look at how gorgeous your pet is on the inside as well. If your cat or dog has seemed kind of off recently, a professional veterinary exam including imaging such as x-ray and ultrasounds may provide you with valuable insight to the problem. Limping and lost appetites can be caused by a number of reasons and Nova Mobile Met can pinpoint the answer right in your own driveway as our state-of-the-art mobile facilities have the imaging equipment needed to exhaust all possibilities.

Take the case of Oscar, a devilishly handsome bull dog. Oscar’s forever family was incredibly worried as he lost his otherwise veracious appetite and no longer enjoyed getting his belly rubbed. Oscar was incredibly stressed over his illness causing his behaviors to change and his parents to become concerned. The family took Oscar to the local vet clinic and after a number of totally clean blood tests and no medical problems determined by laboratory services imaging was used to get an internal peek. What the doctor saw baffled him, as it looked like Oscar had a huge tumor but there were no scientific indicators of cancer. That prompted the pet care team to schedule animal surgery on the adorable dog. Good thing they did as Oscar had apparently feasted on a non-digestible rubber ball that was making him feel full and preventing him from eating. Without that imaging technology, Oscar would have been misdiagnosed and would have eventually starved himself to death.

While situations like Oscar’s are rare, cats and dogs are known to break bones and need casts just like their human counterparts. Any individual who has every broken a bone will tell you that wearing a cast is sheer drudgery and if a pet could speak they would share the sentiment. That is why imaging is incredibly important as it could prevent a critter from having to unnecessarily wear the device. Plus the pain of a broken bone compounded with the experience of having to bring a pet to a veterinary hospital will be unpleasant for both owner and critter. That is why Nova Mobile Vet brings the hospital to you.

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