In humans, eyes are considered to be the mirror of the soul. In dogs and cats, ears act as that conduit making regular pet ear exams a necessity. Within the world of canines and felines it is not unusual for pets to experience ear problems and millions of sick pets are treated for the ailments annually. A professional ear exam by a qualified and licensed pet doctor is the only way to ensure that your pet does not fall victim to ear problems. Virginia pet lovers curious about why Dudley has an ear inflammation or Mr. Boots’ ears look dirty should call Nova Mobile Vet at 1 -866-946-PETS (7387) and schedule a house call for to provide your pets with the ear exams they need.

Nova Mobile Vet specializes in providing the professional services and expertise of a pet hospital at the convenience of your own front door. Dog owners will no longer have to risk pulling a muscle by forcing Butch into the car. Since dogs commonly have ear issues seeking professional veterinary care complete with ear exams is a must. Statistics indicate that 20 percent of the entire dog population is susceptible to otitis externa and the pooches that aren’t are still at risk for ear inflammation, bacterial or yeast infections, ear mites and other ear ailments. Regardless of if Humphrey just needs a pet check up or Fido is having some behavioral issues will come to your house and provide you with exceptional animal care at your convenience.

Felines are also at risk for ear problems and require annual ear exams and pet check ups. Parasitic ear mites, blood blisters and general infection can happen to even the most worshipped kitties. Coaxing a unwell cat into a carrying case to get to a veterinary clinic is no easy task and many pet owners have the scars to prove it. Why risk agitating Zoe anymore than you need too when Nova Mobile Vet will come to you and provide the ear exam and whatever other petcare is required.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (866) 946-7387.