Pets are more than just animals we own, they are living beings that can enrich lives by providing unconditional love. Even the cutest cat or dog can act out on occasion, but if the problem is ongoing, scheduling a behavioral assessment appointment with Nova Mobile Vet is a very wise choice. Behavioral issues in pets can be caused by any number of reasons including poor socialization, bad training practices and even medical issues. Only an expert vet can properly diagnose the condition and to figure out the hidden message it is better to watch a pet in his or her natural habitat.

After observing how your cat or dog is behaving in your Northern Virginia home, we will also conduct a thorough medical examination. Aboard our mobile pet care facility we can provide lab services, pet medication and imaging technology for ultrasounds, X-rays and more. Once any medical conditions have been ruled out or assigned blame, we will take it from there and deliver the exceptional veterinary care your pet deserves.

Courtesy of Nova Mobile Vet’s state-of-the-art ambulatory animal hospital we can drive the entire vet clinic to you. There is no reason to get angry at Busby because he accidentally pooed on the new rug, or miffed at Muffy because she won’t stop piddling in your shoe. Humans and animals have had a long and beautiful history together, as we have the ability to be compassionate and work to understand their needs. While a dedicated pet owner may attempt his or her best, sometimes the professional opinion of a trained veterinarian is required. Nova Mobile Vet will work on finding a cause with a professional behavioral assessment and deliver solutions to enable a happy future together.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (866) 946-7387.