Committed pet owners accept responsibility for their charges from birth to death. In between there will be thousands of smiles intertwined with “oohs,” “awws” and even an occasional “what the heck are you doing?” There is nothing more rewarding than the love exchanged during this time and regardless of what is preventing Scooter or Ms. Kitty from being their most active and mobile, ambulatory vet clinic Nova Mobile Vet, can provide exceptional animal rehabilitation therapy that will allow your injured or sick pet pet to feel his or her best to help guide them on the path to recovery.

The multi-fold approach employed by Nova Mobile Vet’s ambulatory animal hospital can make sure your precious is as comfortable as possible. Perhaps you have an adult animal that is suffering from arthritis? We can bring our animal care team right to your front door and engage your dog in passive range motion exercises to build muscle strength. Maybe Mr. Friskies needed orthopedic surgery and requires both a professional caregiver to change bandages and provide exceptional animal rehabilitation therapy? Nova Mobile Vet is happy to provide those services, directly at his bedside.

Pet lovers are true parents to their dogs and cats and rightfully provide them with the pet care needed to ensure a long and health life. Animal rehabilitation therapy is part of that equation as you never can truly predict what tragedy can occur. The risk is even greater for animal lovers with outdoor pets. While those dogs and cats may love the fresh air, the unpredictable environment can lead to unpleasant situations that can only be resolved with animal surgery and animal rehabilitation therapy. Regardless of if you have an indoor or outdoor pet, ensuring that you provide them with pet care during their lifetime is part of your due diligence of being a pet owner. Fortunately, Nova Mobile Vet can bring the animal rehabilitation therapy right to your own front door.

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