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Pet Meds

Taking care of a beloved cat or dog when they are ill can be an extremely stressful experience. Sometimes the process involves a diet of pet meds and feeding a pet special food. Getting a supply of pet meds can be a time consuming task and during moments of illness who wants to be apart from their beloved family member. That is why concerned pet owners should schedule their pet's next check up with Nova Mobile Vet as we bring quality animal care services right to your Northern Virginia front door.

Unlike brick and mortar veterinary clinics, we provide exceptional animal care inches away from your home thanks to our complete ambulatory animal hospital. Typically vet appointments require individuals to take off time from work, load up the car with a barking dog or howling cat, drive to an pet hospital and then wait until the doctor is ready. Once that appointment is done, there is a possibility of having to make additional stops to pick up pet meds. All those steps are eliminated by entrusting your pet care needs to Not only do we bring the entire veterinary hospital with us, we also have a private pharmacy in tow. In those rare situations where we do not have an abundant supply of specific pet meds, we can get that prescription filled and delivered quickly to you straight from one of our affiliate partners.

Regardless of if your pet requires pet meds or lab services to diagnose tumors, fecal parasites and other unsavory conditions, Nova Mobile Vet has a pharmacy fully stocked for any task at hand. Our rolling medical center is fully equipped with microscopes, imaging technology and slews of diagnostic equipment. Worrying about getting pet meds is completely unnecessary as Nova Mobile Vet will simplify the task.

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