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Pet hospital visits can be incredibly stressful, especially if an animal is not familiar with the facility or if there is some type of pet health crisis taking place. Individuals looking for a more convenient and relaxing way to get their pet the services of a complete pet hospital simply need to contact Nova Mobile Vet and schedule an appointment. Our professional veterinary team will show up on time and at your own front door with a state-of-the-art, 26-foot long mobile animal vet facility.

The mobile pet hospital has all the facilities associated with brick and mortar veterinary clinics such as a diagnostic laboratory, imaging equipment, surgical facility and recuperation space. Virginia residents no longer have to subject themselves to the anxiety associated with loading up the family critter to drag them to the pet hospital in order to get them pet medication right in the comfort of our mobile vet unit. No matter what type of pet health issue your dog or cat may be experiencing you can address the matter close to your home door and far from an overcrowded pet hospital.

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