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Pet Health

Pet health is serious business and Virginia pet owners looking to provide their furry bundle of joy with professional animal care services such as veterinary care, should know that Nova Mobile Vet will navigate our complete mobile vet unit right to your front door. There is no arguing that having a professional pet doctor oversee your pets' health is a non-negotiable responsibility associated with pet ownership. However, there is no reason for a pet owner to struggle to load up their car with unhappy animals in order to get their health examined. Instead, scheduling an appointment with Nova Mobile Vet will make the process run smoothly.

Nova Mobile Vet will come directly to the stoop, sunny spot or pillow of your pet and can treat them for a myriad of conditions in our state-of-the-art mobile veterinary hospital. Our ambulatory animal hospital is replete with diagnostic equipment, a laboratory, imaging technology, pet med dispensary and a surgical room. Making sure that pet health is up to par can allow cats and dogs to live long and happy lives and in return they will improve the health of their owners. Pet ownership can lower blood pressure, help prevent feelings of isolation and provide additional boosts to humans. Professional pet health provided by a veterinarian is a fair exchange for those perks.

Not all Virginia pet health providers deliver the identical level of animal care to critters in need. Pet owners who want to provide their pets' with the best dog care or cat care as possible can rely on Nova Mobile Vet to make the experience pleasant and stress free by bringing the entire animal vet facility to you! No matter what type of animal care your cherished friend needs, we will be able to implement all the steps required to protect and stabilize your pet's health. If we cannot, we will provide you with a veterinary referral. Why waste hours of valuable time struggling to get your critter the pet health measures needed as Nova Mobile Vet is here to assist.

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