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Health Certificates and Traveling with your pet

What to Expect:

Dr. Cryan will examine your pet(s) during your scheduled appointment to determine his or her overall health status, conduct specific tests, verify immunizations are current and record all the information on the USDA APHIS Form 7001. Many countries require the certificate to be officially endorsed by the USDA as well (EU/International Certificates), to independently confirm the information on the APHIS Form 7001 is complete and correct. The USDA charges a fee for this service.

The International health certificate, some countries have their own health certificate for importing pets, so we may need to complete that, too. This form may also need endorsement. And although there aren’t many specific health requirements for taking your pet out of the United States, other countries frequently have detailed requirements regarding immunizations, tests and treatments that must be completed and/or verified by us before your pet can enter his or her new country. 

Many individual airlines also require pet health certificates, especially for dogs and cats traveling internationally, so you’ll want to check with them too, to be sure you’re accumulating the right documentation. 

There are actually several costs involved with these forms.  USDA endorsement fees may be small, but they aren’t the only cost associated with getting your pet’s health certificate. 

• Cost of visit(s) for your pet’s exam and any additional procedures needed, such as vaccinations, microchipping or tests.

• Cost of the vaccines and/or lab work.

• Courier costs associated with delivering your documents to the Veterinary Services office. 

Be sure to plan and give yourself plenty of time to complete the necessary documents, tests, etc.

We do charge administrative fees associated with preparing these documents for the appointment scheduled.  Fees are based on time involved and can vary.

We advise owners to research and review the USDA website prior to travel plans.  Please find this website below.



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