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Feline Care

There are more than 93.6 million owned felines in the country. 56 percent of cat-owners have more than one cat. Getting feline care for multiple cats used to be a dangerous proposition as it involved loading a freaked-out critter or two into carrier cases, loading the car with the frisky felines, driving to an animal vet facility and then waiting to be called. After all that, the process had to repeat in reverse. Virginia pet owners looking for a convenient way to provide their cherished felines with the cat care they need should contact Nova Mobile Pet now and schedule an appointment. When the time comes for the pet health visit, our veterinary team will navigate the entire animal hospital just steps away from your front door. The process will not only keep your cats calm but also eliminate any stress you may have.

Feline care is crucial to ensuring a beloved kitten or adult animal cat is enjoying a good quality of life. Some important cat care procedures include spaying/neutering, pet vaccinations, ear exams and general pet check ups. Regardless of the type of feline care required, our complete mobile vet facility has everything a conventional veterinary clinic facility would also have on hand. However, unlike those stationary offices, Nova Mobile Vet will bring our array of equipment to the privacy and comfort of your own driveway. Plus, if your pet needs additional care we will happily provide you with a veterinary referral.

Healthy cats have a mix of energy, fun and cute, but when something is off, it can be heart breaking. Entrusting the professional veterinary team of Nova Mobile Vet to deliver exceptional feline care can provide cats with the preventative treatments, restorative cat care or even the animal hospice care they may desperately need. Responsible Virginia cat owners looking to find a licensed veterinarian who is more than happy to make house calls need to contact Nova Mobile Vet.

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