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What are your appointment times?

Our appointment times are Monday thorugh Saturday as followed:

Estimated arrival times : 

Lunch time:        12-2 PM
Afternoon:           1-3 PM
Late Afternoon:  3-5 PM
Evening:              5-7 PM
Late Evening:     7-9 PM   ***

We book our appointment in two hour blocks. So if we schedule you say for an 11-1 PM appointment time, that means we will arrive between 11-1 PM. We will take the time that is needed to care for your pets and answer any questions or concerns you may have about your pets health.  

Our Office Hours are:

Monday-Saturday for 9 Am to 6 PM

We are closed for the following holidays:

New Years
Memorial Day
Independence Day (4th of July)
Labor Day


***  Emergency Fee of $100 will apply to late evening or appoinments requested the same day.  Ask the staff when booking an appointment if this emergency fee applies ***

**Cancellation Policy.....if any non-surgical appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, there will be a penalty fee of $100, if a surgery is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, the penalty fee will be $200. Payment must be received prior to booking any future appointments.  Feel Free to contact the office with any questions or concerns.**


 Why do you book appointments in two hour blocks? 

Since we cover a large area of NoVa, we book our appointments in two hour block because of the large area we cover, the traffic and sometimes even the weather can slow us down. We strive to be on time and ready to go as we pull up to your location. We appreciate your patience and we will call you when we are on our way to you location with an estimated time of arrival.  


Put my cat in the bathroom? Why? 

Our technicians call when they are on the way to your home, and if you are a cat owner, we often ask that you put your cat into a bathroom. Why? Well, it’s really for the safety and a big part of our mission of a stress free appointment for your pet and for you, the owner. Most cats run and hide when the doorbell rings, a new person enters the room, or when they see the doctor and the forbidden “white jacket”. So, putting you cat in a room, i.e. bathroom, where there is no places to hide under, like a bed or box spring, or to climb up, like curtains or bookshelves can help elevate the stress and fear of you pet being chased or pulled from a space that he/she feels safe for their visit. So please,  for everyone’s well being, place your cat in a bathroom so we can go in with little to no stress and examine your pet.


Do you treat small mammals (i.e. hamsters, rabbits, gerbils, ferrets)?


We provide care for dogs and cats but we do not treat small mammals or exotics (reptiles/amphibians/avian) at this time.


What is your arrival policy?

Since we cover a large area of NoVa, we set our appointment arrival times in two hours blocks. So when you book, let’s say, an appointment for 12:00-2:00 pm  (lunch time) that is the window of time that we estimate we will arrive at your location. We will call you when we are on our way, to let you know more precisely when we will arrive. *Please note, due to traveling on our local major highways, traffic and emergences will play a role in the times that we arrive*


Can I bring my pet to you?

Yes, we have an office located in Lorton that you can bring your pet to.


What is your payment policy?

Payment in full is due when services are rendered. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, personal checks and cash.


Do you offer payment plans?

We do not offer payment plans at this time.


Is preoperative testing optional for my pet?

As with humans, preoperative testing is vital for your pet. Your veterinarian wants to be sure that all signs indicate your pet's heart, liver and kidney functions will allow them to undergo anesthesia and the surgical procedure with an outlook for optimum success. Although testing is optional, we highly recommend that all of our patients have preopertive blood work within 30 days of their procedure.


Why does my pet need to repeat blood work testing for certain medications?

Your pet's successful therapy depends on monitoring. This ensures that the medications are working as intended and that any possible side effects are being noted. Closely following your veterinarian's dosing instructions, immediately reporting any changes in your pet's attitude or appearance and adhering to the recommended lab testing schedule will ensure your pet is receiving the maximum benefit from therapeutic drug treatment.


What is your prescription dispensing policy?

Federal and state law prohibit the dispensing of medications without an examination in the prior 12 months, constituting a valid veterinary/patient/client relationship. For the safety of your pet as with people, medication cannot be dispensed without a proper medical evaluation of the presenting problem, ideally leading to a correct diagnosis and appropriate medication. Our policy is we will not prescribe any medications without an examination in the prior 12 months or at the veterinarian's discretion.


Why should I spay or neuter my pet?

Through neutering, you can help your dog and cat live a happier, healthier, and longer life. The primary benefit of spaying or neutering your pet is controlling the pet population and reducing the numbers of unplanned, unwanted pets. Castration stops the mating drive in males, reducing the urge to roam, which in turn, reduces the risk of fights, injury, poisoning, accidents, and contracting diseases. In cats, spaying eliminates the constant crying and nervous pacing which is a sign that a cat is in heat. If you have more than one pet in your household, all the pets will get along better if they are neutered. A longterm benefit of neutering is improved health. Early neutering nearly eliminates breast cancer, and totally prevents uterine infections and uterine and testicular cancer.


What does a Spay/Neuter cost for cats and/or dogs?

Spays and neuters are priced according to species, size/weight, and special circumstances such as age, "in heat", cryptorchid (undescended testicle or testicles), pregnancy, pyometra (infected uterus), or puppy/kitten package or rescue/shelter discounts. Our prices include anesthesia, inhospital pain medications, and overnight hospitalization (except for cat neuters). Please ask to speak to one of our staff members for an estimated cost for your pet.

We will spay cats that are “in heat” because they continue to cycle (unlike dogs), often get outside and come home pregnant and it is relatively safe to do so. With dogs, pregnancy is easier to control and the risk for significant bleeding is much higher. Therefore, we ask dog owners to schedule the female dogs for spay surgery when they are not cycling in heat.


What does a dental cost?

Dental costs vary depending on the pet's age, care, the condition of the teeth and gums, possible extractions and need for pain control, and how long the procedure takes. At the predental examination, our doctors evaluate the pet's dental health and overall health, and our staff prepares a detailed estimate based on these findings.


Why should I buy my pets medications at the office instead of at an online pharmacy?

Many pet owners find the internet a convenient place to shop. There are several advantages to purchasing prescriptions and over the counter flea products directly from the veterinarian. Many of the flea products offer a free dose with purchase or rebates from the manufacturer that are not available through online pharmacies. Products through the veterinarian are purchased directly from the manufacturer, carrying product guarantees and are shipped and stored according to product guidelines.

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