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Dog Care

Dog care is a must have necessity to provide your loving pet! Dog ownership is as American as apple pie and there are more than 77.5 million owned dogs in the country. There are a myriad of benefits to owning a pet and unconditional love is just one of them. In exchange for those moments, ensuring your pooch gets the dog care they need is the right thing to do. Regardless of Rex needs to be neutered, Gloria needs dental care or if Ginger needs to get an ear exam, Nova Mobile Vet will bring the entire animal vet care facility right to your own driveway.

Unlike brick and mortar veterinary clinics, Nova Mobile Vet will show up at your front door on the day of a scheduled dog care appointment. We bring the entire pet hospital with us courtesy of our 26-foot mobile vet unit, making it extremely convenient to get the dog or cat care needed for your furry friend. Instead of having to lift an aged and heavy dog into a car, or driving a howling feline to the vet, Northern Virginia pet owners simply need to contact Nova Mobile Vet to make a petcare appointment happen.

Dogs are loyal and loving companions and the relationship between pet and owner should be one of pure joy. Nova Mobile Vet’s caring veterinarian, Dr. Cryan, is also a devoted pet owner. He will do everything to make they pet/owner friendship last for as long as possible and that includes driving to your front door in order to provide the dog care needed. Regardless of if you are responsible for the life of a puppy or are tending to the needs of an adult animal will be able to deliver the necessary pet care strategies to ensure that they are enjoying a good quality of life.

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