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Animal Hospital

Professional pet care is crucial to ensure your cherished dog or cat lives a full and enjoyable life. Virginia residents looking to find a great veterinarian and want to skip brick and mortar animal hospitals simply need to contact Nova Mobile Vet, schedule an appointment and wait for our mobile vet clinic to show up at your own front door. Our state-of-the-art ambulatory animal hospital is loaded with a diagnostic tools, lab services, a pharmacy and imaging equipment and will make the drive to an animal hospital unnecessary as we will provide the quality pet care required.

Visiting animal hospitals is typically a stressful experience. The anxiety can begin with first having to take off work in order to get your pet on site. Then pets must be loaded into the car to be driven to the animal hospital facility. After waiting in traffic, it takes time to find a parking space and then escort your critter into the building. It would not be unusual for a dog or cat to react to the tension and start to feel distressed as well. Only after a dog or cat has been checked in and wait to be called will they get to see the vet. Individuals looking to shave time and uneasiness from the equation can count on to eliminate those unnecessary stages. Instead, our service can allow you to stay at home and still get your pet the necessary pet health services they need.

Nova Mobile Vet’s ambulatory animal hospital can handle a myriad of services right in your Virginia driveway. Pet owners who want to provide their pets with amazing pet care delivered by a top notch animal vet can count on us to deliver. Why take a trip to an animal hospital when our mobile veterinary clinic will make a house call for your pet?

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